Healthy Kids’ Mission, Philosophy & Goals

Our mission is to establish lifelong healthy habits by promoting optimal nutrition, healthy weight, and increased physical activity in childhood.

Our Mission

We are a small company with a big mission entirely devoted to improving the health and happiness of all children, one child at a time. Parents instinctively know that a sound diet and active lifestyle is crucial to their child’s current and future health, but often feel helpless in achieving this most important goal. Our mission is to establish lifelong healthy lifestyle habits by promoting optimal nutrition, healthy weight, and increased physical activity.

Our Philosophy

We believe no program should interfere with the specialness of childhood! 

Child Wellness

At Healthy Kids we believe every child’s full potential must be achieved, and understand this starts with a healthy child. Parents intuitively know that so much of our children’s future health and happiness depends on their nutrition and fitness in childhood. We want to empower parents—and kids—to successfully build a solid foundation for future growth. Establishing lifelong healthy habits helps ensure this and the best way to do this is to be a strong role model for your child. You are the perfect person for the job! 

Weight Maintenance

At Healthy Kids our philosophy of pediatric weight loss is actually weight maintenance. This allows children to naturally “slim down” by maintaining current weight during a normal period of growth.

Children can take advantage of the one thing adults trying to lose weight can’t—growth! And because there is no need to cut calories drastically when trying to maintain weight—as opposed to losing weight—your child does not feel deprived subsisting on small portions of “diet” food. In addition, a period of growth requires excess calories, making weight maintenance a realistic and achievable goal.  Pediatric weight loss and dieting is replaced by weight optimization and healthy eating.

Our Goals 

Our goal is to promote the health, wellness and happiness of all children through improved lifestyle habits. To achieve this, we strive to improve children’s eating and activity habits – with as little negative impact on their childhood as possible. We also seek to create a supportive environment without imposing severe dietary restrictions or exercise regimens.

For overweight children our goal is a healthy, sustainable approach to weight management based on weight optimization, not weight loss or dieting.


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