Program FAQs

How does the Healthy Kids Program work?

Who can benefit from our program?

Who does not benefit from our program?

What makes us so different here at Healthy Kids?

What if I need member support?

What is family support therapy?

How can an online, home-based wellness or weight management program work for my family?

How long will this program take?

Will my child lose weight?

What ages can join the program?

Who should participate in the weight management program?

Can an online game really help my child eat better and be more active?

Should my child visit his/her doctor before starting the program?

Nutrition, Activity, and Obesity FAQs

What is the first step in improving my child's health and wellness?

What can I do to help my child manage his weight?

Should I be concerned if my child is overweight or obese?

My child seems unaware she is overweight. I don't want to upset my child, shouldn't I wait for her to come to me?

Both my husband and I are overweight, is my child destined to be overweight?

Is an overweight child destined to become an overweight adult?

My child's eating habits are awful, but he's just a kid. Can't I just wait until he outgrows it?

My child does not like to exercise; can we skip this part of the program?

What if one parent denies there is a weight issue?

How much weight loss is too much?

What is the scope of the childhood obesity problem?

How does childhood obesity break down by age (who is most at risk)?

What is the BMI and what is it used for?

How does someone gain excess weight?

How much weight gain in childhood is too much?

As Americans, how well are we feeding our kids?

Are children today active enough?

If our children aren't getting enough activity, then what are they doing with their time?

What are some benefits of an active lifestyle?

How can families fight the childhood obesity epidemic?

What causes children to become overweight and obese?

What does it mean to be overweight or obese?

What is the Basal Metabolic Index (BMI)?

What is the scope of the problem?

How does obesity break down by age?

How does someone gain excess weight?

How much weight gain is too much?

What does weight loss or weight management involve?