How can an online, home-based wellness or weight management program work for my family?

An online program can work, because it guides you to attack the problem where overweight and obesity starts: in the home. Most bad eating and exercise habits are learned in the home, as hard as this is to accept. But the silver lining in this fact is that this is also where the problem can best be tackled. By changing the home environment and family eating patterns, you have the greatest opportunity for change.

Counseling in a pediatric or nutritionist office is great if you have an available provider and can afford it. But for those who do not, cannot, or will not commit to out-of-home therapy, an online program can be the most effective route.

If you have a computer, a kitchen table and a deep concern for your child’s present and future health, you can change your child’s life. You can give your child the chance to become healthier, stronger, more confident, and happier. This is the most sincere expression of love. Yes, it will be hard at times. Yes, your child may become discouraged and want to quit, and yes, you may find yourself on occasion regretting the decision to embark on a path of healthier living, but the journey is worth the destination: a healthier child!

Never try to guilt, scare, shame, or coerce your child into participation.  If they are not ready, work on this, not weight management!