How does the Healthy Kids Program work?

We aim to provide parents with a simple, practical program designed to make the difficult tasks of feeding your family and improving their health and fitness easier and more attainable. By becoming more efficient around the kitchen, in the grocery store, and better educated about health, fitness, feeding dynamics, and nutrition you will be empowered to improve your family’s health.

We also seek to provide children with the age appropriate knowledge, challenges, tools, and support needed to improve eating and activity habits—and manage weight if necessary—with as little impact on childhood as possible.

Our program starts by educating parents on the fundamentals of “kitchen nutrition,” feeding dynamics, how and what to feed children, common feeding mistakes and how to avoid them, all while emphasizing easy ways to increase activity in your home. Because no program can be successful with ineffective parents and disruptive and stressed children, the program also emphasizes improving family dynamics by promoting parenting and leadership skills, effective discipline strategies, better communication skills, and child relaxation techniques.

For young children this may be enough to keep your child on the right track from the beginning. For older kids with dysfunctional eating and activity patterns already well established, we use a combination of changing your child’s environment, simple behavioral modification techniques, and diet and activity challenges to move your child in the right direction, while providing a personalized program and support along the way.

And for families with overweight members, emphasis is placed on improving health and growing into current weight—not weight loss—in a non judgmental, supportive approach. Your child does not focus on weight loss, but rather improved health and weight maintenance so your child feels less pressure, has less perceived failure, and is less resistant to change.

However, many children (and other family members!) lose weight on the program resulting from improved diet and increased activity. Because all family members can participate in the program (healthy eating and increased activity is for everyone) your child does not feel singled out, but rather part of a team, a major key to success.