What can I do to help my child manage his weight?

Actually, a lot! Fortunately for most kids, the answer is obvious: eat better and be more active. As a parent, no one in the world wields more influence over your child than you do. You are the perfect person for the job! You might think this job is for the “experts,” but no one spends more time with your child, cares more, is more motivated, and will do more than you will to help your child succeed. Studies have suggested that even “parent only” interventions can be successful, meaning even without active participation from the child, positive changes can be seen!

There is no need to wait for your child or family to be ready; after all, one is rarely ready for change. Your home is the best place to start. While you cannot control what is eaten out of the home, for children, the majority of food choices should still be made in the home, offering many teachable moments. Just sit down at the table and begin. And by chosing to be more active yourself, your child will follow suit (after all, you can choose to take the steps, park farther away or take an evening stroll!)