Who can benefit from our program?

In a country where 90% of kids do not meet the daily nutritional requirements for major food groups and 75% of kids do not meet the recommended 60 minutes of daily activity, this wellness program can help virtually all families become healthier.

  • Parents of an overweight child (BMI 80-85%) or obese child (BMI > 85%)
  • Parents concerned their child is overweight or at risk for becoming overweight
  • Parents of a healthy weight child (BMI 5-80%) who are concerned about future obesity because of family risk factors, such as parental obesity
  • Parents concerned their child’s current diet or activity level is suboptimal
  • Parents struggling with feeding issues including picky, poor or limited eaters, over or under eaters, self proclaimed “veggie haters,” strict “white foodies,” sugar or junk food “addicts,” and everything in between!
  • Parents frustrated over family meal time behaviors
  • Parents concerned their child is inactive and/or not physically fit
  • Proactive parents who want to promote healthy eating and active lifestyle while the child is young
  • New parents or soon-to-be parents who want to set the stage for healthy eating in their family