Will my child lose weight?

It depends. The goal of our program is weight maintenance during growth, which leads to “slimming down” as the child grows taller, without any weight loss.

However, many children (and parents!) lose weight because they are eating healthier and exercising more, not because they are on a diet. In fact, HEALTHY Kids emphasizes this is a Healthy Eating and Active Lifestyle To Help Your Kids, not a diet!

Weight loss is fine, if done slowly (1 to 4 pounds per month, depending on age and amount of weight loss required) and recommended by a child’s personal physician, but this not the only marker of success on the program. Improved fitness, nutritional knowledge, and food choices as well as reversing/slowing a weight gaining trend are as important as weight loss.

NOTE:  Ask your child’s doctor if weight loss is recommended before starting the program. If it is, determine weight loss goals with your doctor. Anyone using the program for weight loss should be followed by the child’s pediatrician. Children requiring weight loss (versus weight maintenance) are usually above the 90th percentile for BMI and have complications of excess weight such as hypertension or diabetes.