The Program

Our program utilizes a multi-faceted approach
to child wellness and healthy weight management.

Each family’s experience is unique because each family comes to us with different needs and goals. And
because both parents and kids actively participate in our program, you will find we’ve got your entire family covered!


The Healthy Kids' Program

Family-centered, team approach

The entire family participates in the program promoting family unity, bonding and support.


Addresses all aspects of healthy kids—physical, emotional, behavioral, and family health.

The Healthy Kids' Program is a comprehensive resource that contains a core of program materials relevant to most families. In addition, there is optional material for families to review when needed. 

Program flexibility

There is a lot of material to ensure that all families have what they need to "bee healthy." But each family should pick and choose what is most useful for their family's own health goals and unique needs. 

Even within the core material, if a topic is not relevant, it can be skipped. But in general, the more topics delved into, the broader the foundation for a healthy lifestyle!

Long-game strategy

We focus on long term change, not temporary quick fixes.

Sensible, easy to follow healthy eating plan

Our Fill up with Premium Healthy Eating Plan uses a simple race car and fuel analogy to teach kids to make healthier food choices. 

Kids learn to identify and categorize food as fuel

Premium fuel is green and means go for it (a green light!)

Mid-grade fuel is yellow and means caution (a caution sign!)

Low grade fuel is red and means stop and think (a stop sign!) 

Kids understand their body's high performance engine can run on all 3 grades of fuel, but runs best on a majority of premium fuels.

Easy program monitoring

With our online Healthy Me Grand Prix Challenge your child is a race car on a European grand prix adventure with healthy eating and activity choices fueling the way.

In addition to tracking diet and activity habits, kids learn European geography and the cultural, culinary, and activity patterns of the 20 countries visited on their journey! 

Broad based approach to learning

Developed for different knowledge levels, learning styles, ages, and stages.

Weekly family meetings and fitness activities

Keeps everyone motivated and moving forward together.

Practical approach to weight management

Realistic and attainable goals in a non-judgmental and supportive environment equals a healthy approach to healthy weight!

Child Members

Kid-friendly games and activities

The Healthy Me Grand Prix Challenge, Color Me Healthy™ coloring pages, Color Me Healthy™ Bingo, Snack Dice, Alphabet Challenge, My Move it! List, My Mood Journal, Daily Journaling, Walk a Mile in My Shoes Challenge, and more.

Online learning center

Food for Thought Labs, Mommy and Me Cooking Classes (coming in June), and youth articles.

Self esteem building

To increase self confidence and self worth.

Relaxation techniques

Guided imagery, meditation, yoga poses, breathing exercises, and progressive relaxation.

Online children’s book, An Eating Creed Indeed, Indeed!

A healthy eating adventure where kids learn to make sound food choices, increase food variety, and recognize reasonable portions.

Program flexibility

Each child is unique with his own temperament, learning style, feeding habits, food preferences, mealtime behavior, activity levels, and weight.


Big and small achievements are celebrated to keep kids excited and motivated. Kids collect city and country badges, mile marker rewards, action rewards, and the Healthy Me Grand Prix Prize.

The program teaches and emphasizes the difference between offering bribes and rewards. Ideas for appropriate rewards are offered, but each family ultimately decides on the rewards offered.

Parent Members

Self-guided, self-paced program

Makes participation easy and encourages program completion.

Online learning center

Comprehensive articles, teaching videos (coming soon), narrated power point lectures (coming soon), and webinar archive.

Personal support

365 email support. Family Strategy Sessions with Dr. Gardner are available for an additional fee.

Live webinars

Explore timely topics with Dr. Gardner or participate in a live Q & A session.

Organizational tools

Participation is easy and intuitive with our weekly at-a- glance calendars and checklists.

Searchable online Kitchen Pediatrician™ recipe collection

Over 200 easy-to-follow "Kid tested, Doctor approved" recipes.

Kitchen nutrition

Our prescription for the knowledge needed to successfully feed a family.

Simplify shopping, meal planning, and food preparation

With our Weekly Meal Planner, Weekly Shopping Lists, Grocery Guider, and Pantry Roundup.

Optimize the feeding relationship and increase your family's food repertoire

With the Division of Responsibility, Family Food Manners and Contract, and EAT Principles.

Strengthen family relationships

Improve parenting and leadership skills and learn how to communicate more effectively with your child. Learn proven discipline strategies.

Program flexibility

We understand different goals, concerns, learning styles, time constraints, kitchen skills, nutritional knowledge, and established mealtime patterns and rules make each parent and each family unique.

Member newsletter and blog

Key health and wellness issues in the news, seasonal tips, program hints, and more!

Healthy Kids is comprehensive, but well organized for success

As you can see, Healthy Kids is a comprehensive program, but it is logically organized.

  • Our program begins by promoting and strengthening the family relationship while emphasizing parenting and leadership skills.
  • Next, it tackles the feeding relationship before ever trying to institute change.
  • The program then moves on to understanding all you need to know about eating healthy—what foods are healthy, what constitutes a healthy plate, why fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are important, what proteins are best, and what constitutes a healthy snack.
  • Meanwhile, our healthy eating program is instituted, providing a blueprint for how to improve the quality of your family's diet.
  • And throughout our program provides creative ways to incorporate regular activity into every day life, while offering time tested methods for reducing stress and building self esteem.


The Healthy Kids' Program integrates all of these elements into a wholesome and healthy approach to living. Step-by-step and day-by-day, you will see change in your family. Get ready!

Healthy Kids ensures your effort is worth it

You want your child to eat a healthy, varied diet, and recognize the direct correlation between diet, activity and health. But with time constraints, picky eaters, poor eating and activity patterns, as well as confusing food recommendations, you can feel helpless! Add to this conflicting research that seems to change daily and it is no surprise that many families resort to fast food, take-out, prepackaged meals, processed snacks, and multivitamins to fill gaps and quell complaints.

Parents often emerge from the rubble of mealtime feeling humbled, disappointed, frustrated, and genuinely concerned that their children are not meeting their nutritional requirements. Parents, take heart! Healthy Kids is designed to help you effectively guide your child to a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy Kids gives you the information and tools you need

We value your time and effort. We are committed to providing clear, accurate information and straightforward guidance.

Healthy Kids provides a valuable learning experience

We seek to ensure that the Healthy Kids’ experience is worthwhile by identifying and simplifying important expert medical research and advice.

The Healthy Kids’ approach is practical and attainable

We realize you need more than advice – you need a reliable roadmap to health! Our program is designed to guide you step-by-step through the difficult daily job of feeding your family well, improving their fitness, and stabilizing or maintaining a healthy weight.

Healthy Kids wants to see your family succeed

We are dedicated to the nearly 25 million children in the US today who are overweight, at risk for, or obese—and to the millions of other kids who can benefit from a healthier lifestyle. Our commitment to families struggling with these issues is firm, our determination is steely, our dedication is unparalleled.

Healthy Kids understands change is hard

Unlike most other wellness or weight loss programs for children, Healthy Kids works because we approach healthy lifestyle and healthy weight  as a skill that is learned over time. We believe this is more than a static goal: it is a spectrum that kids achieve better some days than others and like anything worthwhile, it takes practice and perseverance.

We know many families will come to us after trying to make changes without success. That’s why we are here to support and help you each step of the way. Meet your new partner in family health and wellness, Healthy Kids!